About us


Ksenija VrbanićFashion designer Ksenija Vrbanic graduated fashion design at the TTF ( University of textile technology ) in Zagreb in 1984. Soon after the graduation, she managed to realize innovative ideas and in 1986 in her hometown Cakovec, she opened Studio for clothes design . At that time this was a pioneer approach to clothes design. The fashion brand XD XENIA DESIGN was founded.

Textile industry in the country was under influence of tailoring skills and textile wage labor work that barly allowed freedom in creativity and novelty. Being a promoter of innovative ideas, she brought novelties to that period’s boutique production by starting designing clothes based on personality. She improved the production from classic tailoring to an art dimension; in other words XD-dimension. Today, it can be said that she is unique by her success of raising an designer authorship collection to industrial level - necessary quantity that enables technological high quality.

She is able to express skillfulness for launching trends and has permanent need for
changes. Soon after, this unique style became very demanded. By conquesting
rewards on fashion competitions, participating at the International fashion presentations and styling of persons from show business and public life,  brought her a lot of recognition and acknowledgment in public.

Today,XD XENIA DESIGN is an equal member of all important fashion happenings of World fashion scene whose recognition made Mrs Ksenija Vrbanic the leading designer in  Croatia.